Unofficial 'Life' Vest with retro image (bought in Plymouth market 2013)
 Truth Or Dare Fragrance Promo T-Shirt
 Unofficial Australian 'Madonna's Cat' T-Shirt
 Official 'Confessions' Tour 2006 T-Shirt
 Unofficial 'Confessions' T Shirt sold outside of Wembley Arena
 Home Made (by Jill) 'Drowned World' Polo Shirt
 Official Brazilian 'Girlie Show' 1993 T-Shirt
 Official 'Red Nose' Day Stella McCartney designed UK T-Shirt x 2
 X Large with Labels (Sold by TK Maxx)
 Official 'Red Nose' Day Stella McCartney designed UK Vest
 Official 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour 2008 T-Shirt
 Official 'Reinvention' Tour 2004 'Madonna Complex' T-Shirt
 Official 'Drowned World' Tour 2001 T-Shirt

Other Clothing /Related  Items

 'M' Clothing Range from 'H&M' designed by Madonna 
 'M' Clothing Range from 'H&M' clothes hanger with official motif 
 Weenicon Slippers
 'Pop Princess'
 UK Size 6