Dolls, figurines and plush toys 


 OOAK Barbie doll in 'Blond Ambition' Tour costume
  OOAK Barbie doll in display box. Doll dressed in 'Music' video outfit
 OOAK Barbie doll in display box. Doll dressed in 'Ray Of Light' outfit
 OOAK Barbie doll in display box. Doll dressed up in 'Like A Prayer' outfit
 Official 14" Walt Disney Breathless doll
Official 12" Walt Disney Breathless doll
 Official 12" boxed Breathless figure
 'Desperately Seeking Susan ' action figure, still on original card
 'Desperately Seeking Susan' action figure (on original card although not shown in picture)
 'Desperately Seeking Susan' action figure on original card 



 'Weenicon' figurine 
 Official Breathless resin figurine on wooden dias 
 Gaultier corset figurine 


Plush Toys

 'Baa-Donna' plush singing toy. Sings 'Papa Don't Bleat' spoof song. 
 Pink Candy Cat - not really Madonna related but fits in with 'Hard Candy' era 
 'Pig Idol' plush musical toy. Sings 'Like A Virgin' 
 Part of the 'Famous Meanies' range.
 Lable attached with the following:- Rated Mean 17 " Like a bean bag (whoo), stuffed for the very first time. Her music is great but her actings a crime
 Now check those utters, she's talk of all muddlers. This material cow's way past her prime" (charming)
 Made in New York 1998


 Lego 'Hung Up' figure 
 Plastic Breathless cake topper 4" figure 
 'Music' cake topper 
 Russian Madonna nesting dolls 
 Very rare 'The Blank' action figure. Item withdrawn from sale as when hat is removed it reveals the face of 'Breathless' / Madonna. This gave the surprise ending of the film 'Dick Tracy' away.
 The item is still on it's original card and has been imported from Canada.