'I Love Madonna' Car Sticker
 Square, Large 'Blond Ambition' Sticker
 Used 'Confessions' Sticker

 Used 'Confessions' Stickers

 Unused 'Confessions' Stickers
 Official 'Confessions' Sticker Pack
 Official 'Confessions' Sticker Pack
 Official 'Confessions' Sticker
 Unofficial Sticker Pack Circa 1984/85
 Unofficial Sticker Pack Circa 1986/87
 Unofficial 'Papa Don't Preach' Sticker
 Unofficial Sticker Circa 1988
 Unofficial Stickers Circa 1984/85
 Unofficial Stickers Circa 1984/85
 Various Used 'Smash Hits' and 'Number One' Magazine Stickers
 Smash Hits Sticker Book, not completed. No Madonna sticker.
 Dick Tracy Sticker/Poster Set 
 Dick Tracy Sticker Fun Book 
 Small 80's Stickers (circa 1984-1985)
 Slightly yellowed around the edges
 Unofficial Set of Ten Rebel Heart Stickers