Feature Films

 A  Certain Sacrifice, VHS
 Desperately Seeking Susan VHS
 Desperately Seeking Susan DVD
 Shanghai Surprise VHS
 Shanghai Surprise VHS, United Arab Emirates (for Oil Drilling Rigs)
 Shanghai Surprise DVD
 Who'sThat Girl VHS
 Who's That Girl DVD
 Bloodhounds Of Broadway VHS
 Dick Tracy VHS
 Dick Tracy DVD
 In Bed With Madonna VHS (Cert 15)
 In Bed With Madonna VHS (Cert 18)
 In Bed With Madonna DVD (Cert 18)
 A League Of Their Own VHS
 A League Of Their Own DVD (Foreign)
 A League Of Their Own DVD
 Dangerous Game VHS
 Body Of Evidence VHS
 Body Of Evidence DVD
 Shadows & Fog VHS
 The Next Best Thing DVD
 Four Rooms DVD
 Arthur & The Invisibles DVD (Madonna provides voice for character)
 Evita VHS
 Evita DVD
 I'm Going To Tell You A Secret DVD
 Snatch DVD
Not a Madonna film but does use some of her music & the film was directed by her former husband Guy Ritchie 
 Swept Away DVD 

Madonna Live

 Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour VHS
Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour Unofficial DVD
- Live in Detroit, Michigan 25th May 1985

1. Dreams Come True / 2. Dress You Up / 3. Holiday / 4. Into The Groove / 5. Everybody / 6. Gambler / 7. Lucky Star / 8. Crazy For You / 9. Over And Over /
10. Like A Virgin-Billie Jean / 11. Material Girl / 12. That's What It's All About

1. Early TV Appearance 'Holiday' / 2. 'Lucky Star' Video Edit / 3. The Tube Appearance 'Burning Up' and 'Holiday' / 4. Information
 Ciao Italia! Live From Italy VHS
 Ciao Italia! Live From Italy DVD
 Ciao Italia! Live From Italy Laser Disc
 The Girlie Show: Live Down Under VHS
 The Girlie Show: Live Down Under DVD
 Drowned World Tour 2001 DVD
 Drowned World Tour 2001 Part 2 VCD (bought from Borneo!)
Madonna Re-Invention World Tour 2004
Lisbon Deluxe Edition (Unofficial DVD)

1. The Beast Within / 2. Vogue / 3. Nobody Knows Me / 4. Frozen / 5. American Life / 6. Express Yourself / 7. Burning Up / 8. Material Girl / 9. Hollywood /
10. Hanky Panky / 11. Deeper And Deeper / 12. Die Another Day / 13. Lament / 14. Bedtime Story / 15. Nothing Fails / 16. Don't Tell Me / 17. Like A Prayer
18. Mother & Father-Intervention / 19. Imagine / 20. Into The Groove / 21. Papa Don't Preach / 22. Crazy For You / 23. Music / 24. Holiday

1. U.S. Opening Night Report / 2. U.K. Opening Night Report / 3. Paris Report / 4. Lisbon Reports / 5. American Life (Original Withdrawn Video) / 6. The Beast Within (Projection) / 7. Bedtime Story (Projection Extract) / 8. Nothing Fails (Projection Extract) / 9. Die Another Day (Projection) / 10. 'Flex' by Chris Cunningham /
11. X-Static Pro=Cess Videos / 12. Burning Up & Die Another Day Alternative Live Videos
 The Confessions Tour DVD
 Blond Ambiton Japan 1990 VHS (unofficial)
 Blond Ambition Nice, France DVD (unofficial)
 Madonna Live! VHS (unofficial)
 Drowned World Tour Barcelona VHS (unofficial)
 Confessions On TV DVD (unofficial)
 Madonna Live At The Superbowl on NBC 02/05/12 & More DVD (unofficial)
 Madonna Live At Brixton VCD (unofficial) 
MDNA World Tour
DVD (Standard case)
MDNA World Tour
DVD/CD Box Set
MDNA Tour 2012: Olympia, Paris Directors Cut (Unofficial DVD)

1. Turn Up The Radio / 2. Open Your Heart-Sagarra Jo feat. Kalakan Trio / 3. Masterpiece / 4. Justify My Love (Interlude) / 5. Vogue / 6. Candy Shop / 7. Human Nature
8. Beautiful Killer-Die Another Day / 9. Je T'aime - Moi Non Plus

MDNA Video Megamix


 Confessions The Video Remix by Jill Jones (unofficial)
 Madonna Music 2001 DVD (unofficial) Bought in Borneo!
 The Making Of Die Another Day VCD (unofficial)
 BMW Star Commercial Plus Extras VCD (unofficial) 
 The Video Remixes Part 1 VCD by Jill Jones (unofficial) 
 A Beautiful Stranger: Madonna's Hits Karaoke VHS (unofficial)
 A Walk On The Wildside: Penthouse VHS (featuring Madonna)
 Madonna on Jonathan Ross Show
 March 2015 
 Includes performances of 'Living For Love' and 'Ghosttown'


  Madonna Bare Essentials VHS (unofficial)
 Madonna Laid Bare VHS (unofficial)
 Music Box Biographical VHS (unofficial) 
 Madonna Girl Power VHS (unofficial)
 Madonna Exposed VHS (unofficial)
 Madonna Music In Review DVD (unofficial)
 Madonna The Performance Review DVD (unofficial)
 Madonna The Real Story VHS (unofficial)
 Madonna The Unauthorised Biography VHS (unofficial)

Video Collections & Promos

 American Pie
 One Track Promo VHS Video in Slip Case (official)
 Rays Of Light:
 Four Track Promo VHS Video in Slip Case
 Includes 'Ray Of Light', 'Frozen', 'Nothing Really Matters', 'The Power Of Goodbye' (official)
 Madonna 1982 to 2007
 Unofficial Video Collection (2 Disc) DVD
 The Immaculate Collection VHS
 The Immaculate Collection DVD
 Justify My Love VHS Video Single
 Madonna Four Track Video Collection VHS
 Includes 'Burning Up', 'Borderline', 'Like A Virgin' & 'Lucky Star'
 Music DVD Single
 What It Feels Like For A Girl DVD Single
 What It Feels Like For A Girl VHS Single 
 Madonna 93:99 VHS
 Madonna 93:99 DVD
 Madonna Celebration DVD
 Madonna Celebration DVD in Digi-Pak